Frequently Asked Questions

just a quick little Q+A regarding sarah nichole + the emotional wellness process.

once you have perused the below responses, please reach out if there are still some things you are curious about, or – if you are ready to move forward – choose a path that speaks to you! xoxo

  • what is sarah's background?

    what an excellent question! in brief, she has a master’s in clinical counseling + has over a decade of experience working in both residential and outpatient settings. the majority of her work has been in relation to grief, trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety – but really any struggles that stop us from stepping into our True Self.

  • is sarah a coach or a counselor?

    ahh yes, this can be slightly confusing. as a guide, she is somewhere in between. she has been called a counselor, coach, mentor, teacher, sister, + friend, so it is really whatever capacity in which you’d like to view her role in your life as you work together.

  • where is sarah located?

    she currently lives in Ohio but works with women all over the country since the majority of her services are online-based.

  • how do the video sessions work?

    sarah uses zoom + sends a link via email when it is time for the scheduled video chat (so you just need a computer with internet + video chatting capabilities). this way she can easily share her screen to show examples, visuals, + explanations for each exercise.

  • is this confidential?

    absolutely. sarah will review an agreement with you before starting your chats to go over the details, but basically all information shared, whether during the process or afterward, is considered private + therefore to be kept undisclosed to outside individuals.

  • how often can I contact sarah outside of chats?

    quick questions of clarification are always welcome via text, phone call, or email + sarah usually responds within that day. each path investment also includes at least three 30-minute calls that can take place outside of the regularly scheduled video chats or can be combined for an additional chat during a particularly difficult week.

  • is there an in-person option?

    sarah currently only offers in-person services to small groups, but if she is ever visiting in your area she would be delighted – absolutely delighted! –  to meet you over a cup of tea + give you a warm hug.

  • how does sarah bill for each path?

    there are several options regarding payment for each path’s investment. you can pay the full amount up front (before the 1st chat takes place), you can pay 50% at the beginning + the remaining 50% halfway through, or you can choose to provide several smaller payments over the course of your time together (usually every 2-3 weeks).

  • why does she use pictures of flowers instead of people?

    very insightful question. sarah would prefer to allow you to experience your own emotions as you go through the info on her website instead of attempting to mirror the emotions that are chosen for you based on your struggle or issue.

    flowers also gently remind us of their natural beauty, delicate nature, + inevitable change with the seasons, without comparing themselves to one another. may we all learn something from their uncomplicated approach to life.

The information you provide via contact forms through this website is considered private + is never shared with outside parties. To learn more, please read sarah nichole’s Privacy Policy.