About Sarah Nichole

Childhood + Emotions

I grew up on a 300-acre dairy farm in northeast Ohio which, I must say, was quite a magical experience. It was amazing to spend so much of my childhood outdoors, usually with some kind of animal sidekick (I actually had a few pet cows in addition to the dogs + cats that followed me around).

Unfortunately, my childhood was disrupted by a very traumatic + grief-ridden event. Following this experience I began to struggle with suicidal thoughts, self-harm, + depression. I shoved all of my feelings deep down where I thought I would never have to access or deal with them again.

Eventually I began to open up, share, + process all that had occurred – not just the childhood event, but the many other hurtful experiences I had collected as a result of ignoring my emotions. Over time I have received the healing, freedom, + balance that comes with processing trapped emotions + love having the privilege of helping others do the same.

Background + Experience

I worked at a non-profit drug + alcohol facility in Ohio where I ran both inpatient + outpatient groups, taught addiction education classes, + counseled in female + male residential treatment centers. I also became a facilitator for a trauma group specifically for women.

While living in California I worked at 2 other residential treatment centers, specifically focusing on trauma + loss. Here’s a little snapshot of my background:

  • undergrad major: early childhood education
  • undergrad minors: psychology + sociology
  • grad school degree: clinical counseling
  • certified as trauma specialist in 2012
  • licensed as chemical dependency counselor in 2013
  • licensed as professional counselor in 2013
  • certified as grief recovery specialist in 2014

if you are interested in working with me, I would be honored to guide you through one of the 3 paths I offer!

Personal Life + Hobbies

I absolutely love spending time with friends who empower me, encourage me, challenge me, + value me (like my lovely friend, Nathalie, pictured). I have always been passionate about working with women + I am incredibly excited to be pouring into the future generations of women who are rising up with boldness + authenticity. I still send snail-mail + I have never acquired a taste for coffee (my friends have tried for years to no avail). A few of the things I enjoy:

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • reading
  • laughing
  • music
  • animals (particularly the furry kind)
  • listening to the wind in the trees
  • white tea
  • yellow roses
  • watching my cat try to loaf on things

If you’d like to learn more about me or just want to say hi, contact me + let’s get to know each other!