• become a safe place for your soul to flourish



Grief Recovery

For those who have lost. A loved one, pet, friend, parent, child, family member, career, relationship, spouse, or partner. For those who feel stuck in the past with constant unrest in the soul. For those who don’t know how to process the heaviness or release it. For those who are open to healing.


Trauma Recovery

For those who have suffered. An injury, a natural disaster, a car accident, incarceration, family chaos, violence, torture, abuse, harassment, neglect. For those who have made decisions filled with guilt, shame, and regret. For those who feel trapped and haunted by past events. For those who are seeking freedom.


Emotional Wellness

For those who have struggled. With depression, mood swings, disconnection from life or relationships. For those who feel stagnant in life or can’t seem to move forward. For those who want to better understand + connect with the Inner Self while increasing emotional awareness. For those who are desiring balance.



Learn to acknowledge all of the emotions that are connected with your loss and how to skillfully process each feeling through a short series of lovingly designed exercises. We will also work together in identifying the unspoken yet often burdensome expectations that society or others place on you in relation to how you grieve. We are forever impacted by the losses we experience in life, but with guidance in our healing journeys we are able to eventually arrive at a place of peace in our hearts.

  • 6 weeks / 6 sessions of 1-hour online video chats
  • an additional session with a loved one, neighbor, or close friend
  • guided exercises that support skillful emotional expression
  • weekly action steps to further assist you in your journey



Learn to identify automatic, instinctual reactions in any traumatic event while rewiring your memory of the event. We will practice grounding techniques, forgiveness, and self-love. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it is the same with trauma. Your experience impacted you the way that it did, and there is nothing to be ashamed of in how you responded to it. But now it is time to use your voice, share your story, and be free.

  • 8 weeks / 8 sessions of 1-hour online video chats
  • additional support outside of chats
  • awareness + understanding of common trauma responses
  • training on techniques specifically created to provide safety



Learn to express yourself in a balanced, calm, and clear manner by exploring new habits and mental states. We will particularly focus on boundary setting (both relational + personal) along with parts work. We will develop and strengthen your ability to identify specific emotions while we skillfully uncover the True Self, your most authentic self, in the process.

  • 12 weeks / 12 sessions of 1-hour online video chats
  • weekly action steps for accountability + self-discovery
  • 8 topics covered with the option of additional categories
  • access to resources that can be used in day-to-day life


the 4 steps to flourishing

  • choose a path

    The first step in your journey to peace + freedom is choosing a path that aligns with your emotional needs + past experiences. Sometimes losing a family member can be both a loss + a traumatic experience. Sometimes it is the most loving and kind to yourself, after processing an event, to then focus on your emotional wellness.  You, more than anyone else, know what you need in order to receive healing, find balance, and step into freedom.

  • learn the skills

    There is a difference between knowing what you need + knowing how to get there, but the beauty of this process is that you don’t have to figure it out alone. Once you have chosen your path (and guidance is available if you’re not quite sure), skills specific to your needs will be taught to + practiced with you each week. This provides a solid foundation of confidence + trust in your own abilities to lovingly care for your emotional needs.

  • release emotions

    Skillfully releasing emotions that have been, for some, hidden or ignored for many years is a delicate yet liberating experience. During this process you will be given every opportunity to release, let go, + put to rest the trapped feelings that have caused you discomfort, distress, or oppression over time. Although you will be expertly guided, it will be up to you to courageously do the work in your own heart + soul.

  • move forward

    We house + meet many different emotions each week, but it’s how we respond to them that makes all the difference. Once you have worked through your chosen path you will have the ability to acknowledge, respect, + skillfully process emotions as they arise. You will move forward in life with more peace + less stress, because you have started the journey of becoming a safe place for your soul to flourish.


the process of becoming safe again

  • Working with Sarah has been nothing short of life-changing. The amount of growth I experienced after just a few sessions gave me so much awareness and love for myself, my journey, my purpose, and my inner child. She always makes me feel so seen, loved, and heard. She will forever be the one I recommend to anyone desiring beautiful inner healing.
    Nathalie B.
    Santa Monica, CA
  • I came to Sarah feeling so much fear, doubt, rejection, and a lot of shame about my life. Sarah was so compassionate and understanding and helped me rebuild my sense of Self. I was able to share deep, painful moments of my past and gained freedom from a lot of my past struggles once I realized I didn't have to stay stuck in my pain.
    Lisa E.
    Lodi, CA
  • I had tried so many other avenues in the past to get answers but always came up empty. I had always felt alone, isolated, and misunderstood but Sarah made it her mission to help me understand. She has this compassion that helped draw out the answers I needed. I whole-heartedly recommend working with Sarah.
    Mary W.
    Sacramento, CA
  • Sarah was one of the keys that I needed to help unlock the things I had been hiding from. Her kind heart and comforting spirit helped me to open up my darkest places and feel safe doing so. After each session we had I could literally feel a weight being lifted off of me. I will forever be thankful to her for helping me receive the healing that I had longed for.
    Heather B.
    Lancaster, SC
  • I didn't know what emotions were and hid all of my feelings. I was depressed and alone and didn't know what to do with all of the turmoil inside of me. But I felt a connection and trust with Sarah. She helped me see the beauty inside of me; the real, true me. I can talk about my past and not feel ashamed and I now live in so much freedom, truth, and healing.
    Lovteisha D.
    Plainview, TX
  • Sarah not only listened, she heard. She not only welcomed my tears, she grieved with me. Sarah helped me see myself in a whole new way.  I am no longer surrounded by a cloud of hopelessness, but rather I hope every day. I can dream again and I have goals for my future. I will always be grateful for the healing she helped guide me to.
    Berea B.
    Nashville, TN
  • Before meeting Sarah I was hopeless toward myself and my future. But Sarah knew exactly how to work with me and how to talk to me. During the process, she provided love, consistency, and accountability to help me remain focused on what I wanted. She challenged me to become the best version of myself and her wisdom continues to guide me.
    Ashley G.
    Portland, TN

the heart of emotional wellness:
6 central elements of each path


Available via text or phone calls to answer questions, share encouragement, or talk through a strong emotional reaction.


Introduced, discussed, + shared during specific portions of each path in order to receive real-time encouragement + feedback.


Given in support of developing new skills, healthy habits, + completing weekly challenges that lend to the uncovering of the Self.


Recommended on a weekly basis (to be worked on outside of video chats) as a time to reflect on, listen to, + prepare for the heart’s awakening.


Offered with compassion, expertise, + understanding with insightful suggestions + check-ins every step of the way.


Provided throughout each path via screen sharing + visual examples along with space to practice + strengthen each skill.


for those of you who have heard + are responding to your soul’s gentle whisper: “It’s time.”



A lot of us learned from an early age to hide our feelings. But I believe we should be able to express our emotions and allow them to flow through us, with our soul as a vessel instead of a cage. There is a lot of fear in navigating our feelings and skillfully releasing them, but if we support one another, we can successfully do it – because we are in this together. We are women who love fiercely and feel strongly. And that will always be okay.